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Mindfulness for Work Performance & Wellbeing (One-Day Workshop)

All Staff


Mindfulness for Work Performance & Wellbeing is a one-day workshop that integrates staff wellbeing and work performance. The first part of the workshop introduces staff to the practices and benefits of Mindfulness that will empower them to reduce stress, anxiety and cope with difficult situations. The second part of the workshop teaches Mindfulness-related components such as the awareness of time and its management, focusing on deliverables and taking action to increase levels of work performance.



  • improves performance

  • reduces distraction while working from home or office

  • enhances Resilience

  • improves work and personal relationships

  • increases your empathy, compassion and kindness

  • fosters better team spirit and mutual support

  • increases Energy for Tasks

  • achieve better time management

  • enhances ability to be successful in challenging situations

  • promotes a sense of accomplishment

  • appreciating the pros and cons of technology

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