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Mindfulness at Work for Wellbeing (Bite-Sized Onsite & Online Training)

All Staff


Today’s workplaces are filled with a new strain of challenges arising from the 24/7 connection to work, constant use of technology and greater demands due to the ever changing economic environment. As a result many people in corporations and businesses are experiencing the symptoms of stress and decreased wellbeing. Mindfulness at Work for  Wellbeing is a bit-sized learning workshop that teaches staff to learn how they can learn to take care of their mental health through Mindfulness practices and insights. Participants will learn the practices of mindfulness and its benefits to navigate through stressful and difficult situations with greater ease.



  • enhances Resilience

  • increases Positive states of Mind

  • reduces Stress

  • increases Energy for Tasks

  • increases levels of Happiness

Participants will be provided resources for home practice as well as at work.

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