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Mindfulness at Work for Performance & Wellbeing

All Staff


Mindfulness for Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing is an evidence-based programme that is conducted over a few weeks that allows staff to embody Mindfulness in their personal and professional lives. The programme teaches staff to learn how to respond to the complexities, pressures, and uncertainties of the workplace with greater balance, clarity, confidence and productivity. Participants will learn the practices of mindfulness and its benefits in day to day interactions and activities at workplace to navigate through stressful and difficult situations with greater ease and also make better decisions. They will also learn strategies to increase focus, increase self and other awareness, improve emotional regulation and increase performance at work. 

Participants will receive a journal and a book to guide their daily home and workplace practices. The workshop will be facilitated by a Certified Mindfulness Teacher who would conduct the sessions onsite for 1.5 to 2 hours per week. 



  • improves Attentional & Working Memory Capabilities

  • enhances Resilience

  • increases Positive states of Mind

  • boosts Creativity

  • improves Relationships

  • reduces Stress

  • increases Energy for Tasks

  • broadens perspectives for Problem Solving

  • improves Listening Skills

  • improves Focus and Decision Making

  • fosters Positive Behavior

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