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Mindfulness for Teenagers


Teenagers are nowadays experiencing huge  pressure having to meet academic and social expectations while going  through dramatic physical and mental changes. As they are in desperate  need of self-care, mindfulness is emerging as the most effective  practice promoting teens’ mental wellbeing.

This 4 weeks program is designed to  teach teens mindfulness and give them practical tools that they can  utilize under various stressful situations. Each class includes  evidence-based secular mindfulness practices, mind-body connection  practices, dynamic mindful movements, non-violent communication  techniques, inquiries, art, mindfulness-based activities and games as  well as individual and group discussions. The attention training will  enable students to see where their attention is and to learn how to  direct their attention to where they want it to be. Through the  inquiries and reflections, students will learn the nature of their  thoughts, thought processes and how attention can help to deal with the  anxiety within them. This will help students recognize the voice of  negative self-talk and move toward conscious choice-making to work with  it. The program will also help teens learn how to connect with others  and grow compassion within themselves as well as for others.



This program for teens will enhance  concentration and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, develop physical and  emotional awareness and promote mental wellbeing. Mindfulness practice  is proven to produce following benefits for teens:

- Supports “readiness to learn”
- Promotes academic performance
- Strengthens attention and Self-Calming
- Reduces anxiety before examinations
- Promotes self-reflection and self-calming
- Improves classroom participation by supporting impulse control
- Provides tools to reduce stress
- Enhances social and emotional learning (SEL)
- Fosters pro-social behaviours and healthy relationships
- Supports mental wellbeing

What will the Participants receive?
- Mindfulness workbook
- MP3 files for practices

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