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Mindfulness for Children

7-9 years old & 10-12 years old


Today’s children are facing a more  complicated and a faster changing world than any previous generations.  They are facing distractions from modern technology more than ever, and  this is emerging as a new hindrance to their well-being. They not only  have to deal with their own challenges but also have to deal with the  stress and anxiety that the adults around them are experiencing.

This 4-week programme is designed to  give children concrete tools to help them to be better focused, calmer,  more aware of what is going on within them as well as around them in  order to take care of themselves in challenging situations. Each class  includes mindfulness practices, stories, movements, activities, small  group discussions, teamwork and inquiries that will help children learn,  understand and practice mindfulness. While various activities keep them  interested, they will develop solid practical tools through  evidence-based mindfulness practices. Stories or team discussions will  help children understand the nature of their mind, emotions and mental  attention and how to utilize them for their own benefit.



The skills learned through this  programme will help children to be able to notice where their attention  is and redirect their attention to where it is supposed to be. Students  will also learn to accept their emotions as they are instead of being  overwhelmed by them. These skills would help them to be resilient and  manage academic related anxieties and stress.

After completing this program, children will be able to,

- Focus better
- Use self-care tools when necessary
- Reduce anxiety
- Do better with their academic performance
- Have better self and social awareness
- Have better emotional awareness
- Understand body and mind connection
- Understand how their mind works
- Redirect their attention

What will the Participants receive?
- Mindfulness workbook
- MP3 files for practices
- Soft toy for practice

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