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Mindfulness Based Leadership

People Managers & Leaders


Great leaders see things clearly. They are aware of themselves, others and the world around them. They are able to direct their awareness internally: aware of their thoughts, feelings and values, they are better able to manage their own mind-states and reactions. They are also able to direct their awareness externally. Some people may come to their leadership tasks with these capacities already well-developed. But mindful leadership strengthens and develops these qualities. The curriculum of Mindfulness Based Leadership is based on the book 'Mindfulness Based Leadership: The Art of Being a Leader, not becoming One'.

Leaders will be able to:

• incorporate Mindfulness into their Leadership Competencies

• develop self-awareness, self-management and social awareness.

• foster a culture of “Mindfulness practice” in self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and kindness at work

• learn and apply strategies to deal with and manage emotions and facilitate decision making, conflict management.



  • improves Attentional & Working Memory Capabilities

  • enhances Resilience

  • increases Positive states of Mind

  • creates a healthy learning environment

  • boosts Creativity

  • improves relationships

  • reduces stress

  • reduces negative effects of multitasking

  • decreases reactivity

  • enhances present moment attention

  • increases self-compassion

  • enhances witnessing awareness

  • enhances interpersonal functioning, empathy and self-awareness

  • enhances problem solving, decision making, focusing, analysing

  • promotes a positive emotional contagion effect

  • improves listening skills

  • coaching with compassion

  • increases employee job performance, job satisfaction and need satisfaction

  • enhances leadership skills

  • strengthens intentionality

  • more clarity

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